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We are in the car repair and maintenance business for the past 52 years. Our roots started in the year 1964 at our Upper Thomson Shell Station. We moved to our present North Link location in 2004.

Throughout these years, we have built a reputation for our expertise in complicated repair job for commercial vehicle. Constantly, we invested in advanced diagnostic and equipment to pinpoint the exact fault and having experienced mechanic to repair it.

Through our equipment investment, luxury and commercial car owner such as Mercedes Benz, BMW, Jaguar, Audi, Citreon, Renualt, Lexus rely on our expertise to repair their vehicle.

We have advanced repair equipment for air-conditioning and build a reputation for quality air-con repair. Also, we have a vast inventory of parts. Completion time were shortened. Popular items such as alternator, air-con coil, fuel pump, gear box, senor, electronic board inventory are kept by us. Sometimes, we may have to fabricate some parts ourselves to fabricate or refurnish a part with our machinery department.

To do these complicated repairs, we rely on our team of experienced mechanic, who have been working with us all these years. We send them for training courses to upgrade their knowledge and be competent in their repair skills. Through these initiative, our management maintain our goals to achieve greater customer satisfaction.

AG Auto Pte Ltd specialises in repair and servicing of European cars. Japanese and China Brands of cars are welcome too.